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Increase the success of your sales team!

Even the smallest changes in the personality traits relevant to success will make your salespeople more successful.

Sales Tuning®

Sales training for B2B sales

Personality development is the best way to success!

Our participant-specific Sales Tuning® sales training is the ideal means to train new, successful behavioral patterns in customer contacts. Our benchmarks are sales personalities who generate seven or more deals from ten appointments.

Salespeople learn to personalize their questions and messages to customers, increasing impact in the following areas:

Appointment by phone

In the initial contact during relationship building and needs assessment

In the argumentation with benefits & added values

In the objection handling

In price negotiation and in closing.

Increased enjoyment of work

Greater number of customer appointments

Higher completion rate

Enthusiastic customers

Limbic® Personality Check

Limbic® Analysis Top Sellers

Sales Tuning®

Individual Coaching Walk & Talk

Promote the competencies of your salespeople in B2B business!

Individualized solutions offer the fastest and most sustainable success here. With our Sales Tuning® individual coaching sessions Walk & Talk, we accompany your salespeople 1:1 in their personal development.

Moving outdoors brings additional benefits:

Nature opens the view to new perspectives.

Physical exercise also brings movement to the mind.

Relaxed access to new solution steps.

New energy is refueled.

In price negotiation and in closing.

Solutions that address the causes and not the symptoms.

Time savings through individualized solutions.

More successful employees through improved communication and behavior.

Increased motivation

Limbic® Personality Check

“With our Limbic® analyses, we are able to compare the profile of your salespeople with that of top salespeople. In this way, we find out where we can massively improve the sales success of your salespeople with minimal effort.”

Oliver Damm, Brain & Performance

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