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“The Leader Tuning Team Workshop with our management helped us a lot to strengthen the trust in each other, to find out demands and needs from each other and thus to optimize the cooperation within the management. The Limbic Analysis per person served as a perfect basis to make the different imprints and personalities within the management visible. We were very happy with the result.”

Andre Egli, dipl. Fiduciary expert, partner, member of the management team, Balmer Etienne AG

“Samuel Spörri of Brain & Performance is a certified trainer for the ELITE performance selling model of GILEAD Sciences Sàrl. Brain & Performance conducted ELITE Performance Sales trainings for GILEAD Switzerland during four years from 2019-2022 for all sales representatives of all indications. Through these trainings, the philosophy of ELITE Performance could be applied in a very concrete way in the doctors’ meetings.
The resulting analysis and communication skills of the field staff were also regularly improved and individually optimized through “in-field coaching”.
Samuel Spörri has made a sustainably valuable contribution to the success of GILEAD Switzerland through his many years of experience and his excellent powers of observation.”

Michael Graf, Director of Commercial Operations, Gilead

«An excellent speaker with incredible energy! Whether in leadership training or accompanying a values ​​workshop, I can absolutely recommend Samuel and look forward to further training with him!»

Tina Künzler, Head of Human Resources & Training, Member of the Management Board, Building Insurance Zurich

“The training enabled our employees to consciously optimize and professionalize their appearance and their dealings with customers. The tools shown for acquisition and negotiation give them confidence, structure and flexibility in communication.
It’s great to have such an experienced and personal partner on our side, who grows with the increasing demands of our company.”

Thomas Christians, CEO, vali.sys ag

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