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Unleash the full potential of your managers!

Awareness of your own behavior and selective changes massively increase the leadership success of your managers.

Leader Tuning®

Management Board Dynamics Expert

Become a Management Board Dynamics Expert!

We support you in triggering sustainable peak performance in your Management team! Gain a new understanding of your board and how it interacts. By revealing everyone’s basic personal needs, you get to know and understand yourself and others better. The resulting relationship of trust focuses the power of your Management team members.

Saving 2 years of collaboration with this 2 day workshop.

AHA experiences and setting the course for effective collaboration in the Management team

Greater trust in the Management team

Open exchange and mutual learning extends to all employees

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Leader Tuning®

Onboarding for managing directors

Are you putting your business in the hands of a new manager? With our Leader Tuning® Onboarding we accompany you individually. Mutual understanding of basic personal needs, open communication and early discussion of critical points are crucial to the success of the business takeover.

Appreciative, success-crowned business handover through structured discussion moderation involving …

… the new manager

… of her supervisor

… of the current job holder

… of the Board of Directors

Mutual preservation of motivation and joy

Addressing and moderating taboo topics

Cost savings

Continuation of the good company reputation

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Leader Tuning®

Team Workshop for Project Teams

Benefit from the different personality types in your team!

Knowing your team members and better understanding their interactions with each other holds the key to exceptional team performance. Goals are achieved faster, more effectively and more securely.

Comprehensive savings through faster target achievement.

Better results by minimizing friction losses.

Increasing productivity through higher engagement.

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Leader Tuning®

Leadership training at all levels

Do you have uncut diamonds in your company?

Is your leadership team striving to evolve to become even better? With our Leader Tuning leadership training, we identify potential leaders and create individualized programs to help your leaders reach their full potential.

Leaders who understand how to lead their employees individually. Improvements in the following areas are the result:

Relationships with employees are strengthened.

Greater employee satisfaction leads to increased engagement.

You will find your managers of tomorrow within your own ranks.

Your employees see you as an employer with future prospects.

They become a magnet for qualified employees on the labor market.

The leadership success of their managers is massively increased.

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Leader Tuning®

Individual Coaching Walk & Talk

Promote your managers individually!

With our Leader Tuning® one-to-one coaching sessions Walk & Talk we support leaders 1:1 in their personal development. This enables them to focus their energies on their tasks, develop effective solutions and successfully master challenges.

Moving outdoors brings additional benefits:

Nature opens the view to new perspectives.

Physical exercise also brings movement to the mind.

Relaxed access to new solution steps.

New energy is refueled.

Solutions that address the causes and not the symptoms.

Saving time in overcoming challenges.

Increased executive performance.

Growing loyalty to your company.

More satisfied employees through more competent managers.

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