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The key to each person’s success lies in their individual personality. When your company’s goals are combined with your people’s strengths and best practices, the ideal conditions are created for everyone to win.

Developing and passing on these strategies with the associated tools is our great passion. Together with you, we create a professional environment that enables your employees to master everyday challenges with a lot of joy, confidence and commitment.

With us as your partner you will achieve

Developing managers into top leaders

Developing salespeople into top salespeople

Creating the ideal environment to unleash top performance

Enthusiasm for goals and tasks

Departure in a time of change

Breakthrough in difficult or deadlocked situations

Success through diversity of personalities

Team compatibility through mutual understanding

Achieve goals quickly and safely

Pursuing goals together

Mutual understanding and acceptance

Clarity in critical situations

Our team

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Pascale Bauer

Managing Partner

“As a power woman, former competitive athlete and passionate optimist, I act quickly and with strong implementation skills. I like to make people great and to strengthen them in their personality – professionally as well as privately.”

Samuel Spörri

Managing Partner

“I am very aware of the impact of details as a former standard ballroom dancer with World Championship experience. My observational and listening skills enable me to uncover the details in interpersonal interaction that are so important.”

Oliver dam

Expert for applied neuroscience in business

“Unconventional, straightforward, consistent. I love new perspectives and vision – both as an avid helicopter pilot, and in business and science.”

Cédric Spörri

Marketing & Back Office

“Working in tourism in Arosa, I have a high degree of flexibility in my home office, allowing me to support frontline staff quickly and efficiently.”

For a better professional life

The three pillars of Brain & Performance for your breakthrough


Identify the most promising actions.


Implement customized solutions with fast impact.


Build a culture of trust.

“Recognizing people for who they are and giving them what they need is the cornerstone of collaboration.”

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